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XC12 TR 29'

XC12 TR 29'

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Tubeless ready tyre intended for XC and marathons.
Hookless compatible.
The tread pattern is designed for speed and excellent cornering in mixed conditions except deep and sticky mud. Very good shock absorbance provided by this tyre makes this model ideal for using on the roots and bumpy terrain. True XC champion tyre. Design based on our highly appreciated MTB tubular tyres. The tyre, thanks to its speed, excels on the rear wheel in combination with the XC11 or XC14 on the front wheel.

Model: XC12 TR 29’
Type: Tubeless tyres
Size: 29x2.25”
Weight: 650g
Pressure: 2-3.5 bar (30-50 p.s.i.)
TPI: 210/375

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