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Gravel Swampero

Gravel Swampero

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The perfect tubeless ready tyre for the most challenging conditions. No need to worry about the weather.
Hookless compatible.
A directional arrow-shaped tread pattern with overlapping central knobs guarantees fast rolling, exceptional grip and self-cleaning properties. The wide tread and the durable flexible Jubena layer covering the sidewalls protect the tyre from receiving damage from stones. A Puncture proof ply under the tread minimizes the risk of punctures and contributes to the overall reliability of the tyre. The high TPI casing construction, together with the soft tread compound, smoothes out any surface and prevents the tyre from bouncing on uneven surfaces. The Swampero is also made to be long lasting and guarantees high mileage.

Model: Gravel Swampero
Type: Tubeless tyres
Size: 44-622 (700x44C), 40-622 (700x40C), 36-622 (700x36C)
Weight: 450g, 430g, 390g
Pressure: 1.7-4 bar (24.7-58 p.s.i.), 2-5 bar (30-70 p.s.i.), 2-5 bar (30-70 p.s.i.)
TPI: 210/375

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