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ELITE S3 (Tubular)

ELITE S3 (Tubular)

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Guaranteed specified weight
In spite of low weight, this tyre has very good puncture resistance and mileage. Elite S3 <225 g is an enhanced successor of the Tufo‘s best-seller S3 Lite <215 g. In addition to improved tread pattern, it has a new carcass with higher 210/375 TPI count and wider base tape. The result is a supple ride and excellent handling. VECTRAN PUNCTURE BARRIER under the tyre tread not only provides the best possible puncture protection but also ensures cornering and stability.

Model: ELITE S3
Type: Tubular
Size: 28" 23mm, 28" 25mm
Weight: <225g, <265g
Pressure: 8-15 bar (115-120 p.s.i.), 6-10 bar (90-145 p.s.i.)
TPI: 210/375

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