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Duke Racing Wheels are proven quality at top level.

About DUKE: Handmade in France, this is the wheel you need, no matter if you are an amateur or pro-level rider. You will find a wide range of products for every budget and every use.

Crash replacement: In the event of an accident or at-fault incident, we offer to replace your carbon rim at a preferential rate of 50% off the price of a DUKE carbon rim and labour. Crash Replacement service is valid for life, at no extra charge, regardless of the owner's rank.

Warranty: Duke wheels carry a 2 years warranty that is extended to 3 years for Carbon rims. Warranty can be passed to a second owner, so second hand wheels are also covered. (The date taken into account is the first sale date)

XC, Gravel, Road, CX, Enduro... no matter your sport and your budget, we will have the right wheels for you.

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