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Vacuum bike rack B5 (1 bike)

Vacuum bike rack B5 (1 bike)

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Designed for single bike use, with a temperature range of -30º to 80º. Features 4 high quality suction cups for support and fastening, including 3 for the main body and 1 for the rear wheel. These high-strength suction cups ensure easy installation, safe operation, and convenient storage. Additionally, this bike rack comes with a protective carrying bag and meets the CE ISO 11154-2006 certification standard.

Material Aluminum Alloy 6061 + EPDM Rubber
Weight 2KG
Dimensions 37cm x 16cm x 14.5cm
Adhesive strength 50 - 100 kg
Weight supported up to 25kg.
Colour Black
Compatible with forks 9mm QR, 12/15/20mm Thru Axles

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