The Amber Bikes story

Amber Bikes has a rich history dating back to 2015. It all began when Cédric, a French expatriate who had been living in Lithuania since 2006, came across an advertisement from a young mechanical engineer offering his services. Among the products this engineer had developed was a Single 104BCD Narrow Wide chainring. At that time, 1x setups were just starting to gain popularity.

Seeing an opportunity, Cédric collaborated with the engineer and began developing 104BCD chainrings in 32T, 34T, and 36T sizes, all machined in Lithuania. The demand grew rapidly, and soon larger chainrings, specifically 42T and 44T, became bestsellers.

However, the bike market evolved swiftly. The increasing variety of cranksets and the expanding range of BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter) and Direct Mount standards posed new challenges. Despite these changes, Amber Bikes continued to innovate, manufacturing their own chainrings while also starting to distribute Garbaruk Chainrings, known for their exceptional quality.

By 2021, the last Lithuanian-made chainring rolled off the production lines as Amber Bikes transitioned to exclusively distributing Garbaruk's renowned products. That same year, the business relocated from Lithuania to Denmark.

In 2024, Amber Bikes launched a new website, expanding its focus to the Scandinavian market. Our goal is to become the best webshop in Scandinavia, offering high-quality brands and products tailored for competition, performance enthusiasts, and everyday riders.

Today, Amber Bikes proudly distributes a wide range of premium cycling products:

  • Garbaruk Chainrings
  • TUFO Tyres: Known for their exceptional performance and durability.
  • CyclingCeramic: High-performance bearings and waxing products.
  • Rassine Vacuum Bike Racks: Innovative and reliable bike transportation solutions.
  • Duke Performance Wheels: High-quality carbon and aluminum wheels designed for top performance.

Explore our extensive range of products and discover why Amber Bikes is the go-to destination for cyclists seeking top-notch gear.

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