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Vangàrd Coolmax® socks

Vangàrd Coolmax® socks

Normaalihinta 49,00 kr
Normaalihinta 81,00 kr Alennushinta 49,00 kr
Alennusmyynti 39% off Loppuunmyyty
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These Vangàrd Coolmax socks are perfect for any occasion - whether you're running, cycling, or just lounging. With extra ventilation on the upper side of the foot, they will keep your feet dry and comfortable. The Coolmax technology ensures your feet will stay happy and free from sweat. Trust in these casual, short socks for all your daily activities.

Sex: Unisex
Material: 100% Polyester Coolmax®
Properties: Sweat wicking, Breathable
Suitable for: Sports & leisure, Running & fitness, Hiking, Cycling
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