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Brooks B17S Honey

Brooks B17S Honey

Normaalihinta 533,00 kr
Normaalihinta 1.142,00 kr Alennushinta 533,00 kr
Alennusmyynti 53% off Loppuunmyyty
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For women and smaller riders, our best-selling B17 model is also available with a shorter nose, the B17 Short, perfect for commuting, gravel, road cycling and touring + trekking use. Thanks to its flexible, hammock-like performance that moves with every pedal stroke, the B17 Short is a supremely comfortable saddle designed for the 60° angled riding position. Handmade in England from 100% vegetable tanned leather that will mould and shape individually to each rider. Beautiful and durable, the B17 Short is finished with premium steel rivets and steel undercarriage.

  • Durable Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Shapes Over Time
  • Lasting Comfort & Breathability
  • Extended 10-Year Guarantee
  • Handcrafted Since 1866
  • 460g

L 242 x W 176 x H 58 mm

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