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Garbaruk is the reference in terms of quality, innovation and light weight. It is used by the pro but also accessible to everyone. Garbaruk's reputation is proven for chainrings, cassettes, cranks and other drive-train items.

About Garbaruk: For more than 10 years now, Garbaruk has been developing high-performance bicycle components in Kyiv, Ukraine with recent re-location to Krakow, Poland in 2019.
Garbaruk's goal is to make a product which has zero compromises on quality and offers features bicycle enthusiasts are looking for. Current product line-up consists of drivetrain components, such as lightweight wide-range cassettes, chainrings and other accessories.
They constantly work on new projects in order to deliver products that customers from all around the world will love. Company has a full production cycle that starts with the 3D computer models' designing, followed by CNC milling and anodising of all our products. All manufacturing cycles take place in Poland.

Amber-Bikes has been distributor of Garbaruk products since 2018.

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